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ZSK Attorneys-at-Law (“ZSK”) is a boutique law firm focusing on biomedicine and investment & financing. With a group of specialists who are lawyers in red circle law firms before joining ZSK and engage in the biomedicine industry and investment & financing practice for more than a decade, ZSK lawyers advised numerous clients, such as listed biotechnology companies, institutional investors and best-in-class setup companies. Joining ZSK, you will be well remunerated, have access to guidance and mentorship from ZSK partners in comfortable office space and friendly atmosphere. ZSK has a strong belief that the talents are the key assets and the foundation for our future success and continuously upholds the notion of “Value Talent, Optimize Talent, Develop Talent and Retain Talent”. We are continuously improving the management system and training mechanism, and offer competitive remuneration package. By combining the efforts of each and every ZSKer, we will definitely move towards to and achieve our goal of shaping ZSK into an innovative boutique law firm.


1. Undergraduate and postgraduate students/fresh graduates from well-known law schools (overseas study experience preferred);

2. Be fluent in English and use English as a working language;

3. Be down-to-earth and sincere, and with good communication; have good teamwork spirit and innovative thinking;

4. Interns are required to work no less than 3 days per week, and those with excellent performance are more likely to become regular employees.


1. Assisting partners with investment & financing, M&A and other projects;

2. Assisting partners in drafting and reviewing contracts;

3. Providing support for contentious and non-contentious cases.

Full-Time Attorney

1. Full-time bachelor degree or above in law, with solid expertise;

2. Be fluent in English and use English as a working language;

3. More than two years of experience in practicing law (work experience in biomedical sector preferred);

4. Good knowledge of legal theory and strong learning capability;

5. Work meticulously and comply with professional ethics, have good teamwork spirit and innovative thinking;

6. Be down-to-earth and sincere, and with good communication.


1. Drafting and reviewing contracts;  

2. Drafting or reviewing legal documents for corporate clients;

3. Advising on relevant legal affairs internally or externally;  

4. Representing in litigation or arbitration cases.

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