Lihong DUAN
Senior IP Counsel


Lihong DUAN is proficient at handling difficult and complex intellectual property and major foreign-related commercial disputes and anti-monopoly cases, including those in pharmaceutical and communications industries, as well as IP-related litigation and other related legal services.


Lihong DUAN graduated from Chicago-Kent College of Law, University of International Business and Economics, and China University of Political Science and Law, and was a visiting scholar at LUND University in Sweden under a China-EU intellectual property cooperation program in 2000. DUAN worked as a judge of the Intellectual Property Division of the Supreme People’s Court of China for thirteen years. During her tenure at the Supreme People’s Court, DUAN led the drafting of a number of IP-related judicial interpretations, and handled many cases that were included in the Gazette of the Supreme People’s Court, as well as Judges’ Comments on 100 Classic IP Cases Affecting China, a book edited and published by the Intellectual Property Division of the Supreme Court. DUAN began to practice law in 2005. She has been the deputy director of the 9th Anti-monopoly and Anti-Unfair Competition Professional Committee of Beijing Lawyers Association, and a member of the 10th and 11th Medical and Health Law Professional Committees of Beijing Lawyers Association. She was co-opted ted into the foreign-related talent pool of Beijing Lawyers Association.


Medicine, communication, chemical, manufacturing, environmental engineering, biotechnology, semiconductor, high-tech, etc.


Represented in Hi-trend Technology in the litigation with Renergy over integrated circuit layout design infringement, which was selected by the Supreme People’s Court as one of China’s top ten civil cases of the year and China’s top ten IP cases of the year; Represented Realtek Semiconductor in patent infringement claims against 9 defendants including LSI and Seagate, in which, after a series of legal procedures such as extraterritorial service, patent invalidation, and overseas parallel litigation, Duan finally facilitated a full settlement of the litigation between the two parties in China and abroad; Represented Qinghai Zhufeng Cordyceps in a series of IP cases, involving patent infringement dispute, patent ownership dispute, patent invalidation and administrative litigation, as well as patent technology investment and transfer and company equity dispute, and after six years and 12 legal procedures, finally won the cases.

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