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ZSK labour and employment team keeps a close eye on the latest developments in labour laws and emerging trends in enterprise employment management.Our team values both research and practical application equally. Drawing on years of experience representing diverse Chinese and international companies, and a keen understanding of legal matters related to employment management, attorneys at ZSK offer comprehensive assistance in tackling complex labour and employment issues. We assist clients in addressing labour concerns arising from projects and transactions, as well as labour-related legal issues in day-to-day operations, including resolving disputes and managing personnel misconduct. Our diverse client portfolio spans industries such as life sciences and healthcare, real estate and construction, information technology, financial services, manufacturing, services, FMCG and retail, trade, insurance, transportation, and the Internet. Our extensive legal knowledge and practical experience enables us to provide tailored legal services to each sector, including establishing effective labour management systems, addressing human resource issues, and resolving complex labour disputes.

Venture capital and private equity investment, FDI, merger and acquisition, securities and capital markets, establishment of RMB fund, employee equity incentives, etc.

Life sciences and healthcare, venture capital and private equity, construction, FDI, employee equity incentives, dispute resolution, labour and employment, corporate compliance, etc.

Real estate, construction, dispute resolution, etc.

Corporate finance, financial capital market (such as listing and refinancing in domestic and foreign capital market), merger & acquisition, private equity investment, project financing (such as mining project financing), real estate development and operation, and other commercial legal services.

Foreign investment, financial capital market (such as domestic and foreign capital market listing, refinancing, etc.), wealth management, family trust, global residence & nationality planning, mergers and acquisitions, private equity investment, project financing (such as mineral resources, etc.), banking and real estate and other commercial legal services.

Venture capital and private equity, merger and acquisition, life sciences and healthcare, wealth management, etc.

Marriage and family, inheritance, labour and employment, litigation and arbitration, corporate compliance, etc.

Venture capital and private equity, securities and capital markets, establishment of RMB fund, employee equity incentives, corporate compliance, etc.

Lihong DUAN is proficient at handling difficult and complex intellectual property and major foreign-related commercial disputes and anti-monopoly cases, including those in pharmaceutical and communications industries, as well as IP-related litigation and other related legal services.

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  • Advising various companies on labour and human resources issues in their restructuring, merger, division and acquisition;
  • Advising various companies on employment and dismissal of foreigners and application for work permits and residence permits;
  • Advising various companies on establishment of labour and employment compliance systems, compliance review and formulation of labour and employment systems, including employee handbooks, labour rules and regulations, salary systems and performance appraisal systems, risk control system of departing employees, litigation risk control system, and system on business secret and file management;
  • Advised regularly on labour and employment for a client, conducted investigation on and disposed of employee violations incidents, reviewed and amended labor contracts, NDAs, training service agreements, non-compete agreements, etc;
  • Represented in hundreds of labour arbitrations and lawsuits, and participated in dozens of negotiations for departing employees and personnel crisis resolution;
  • Represented a Danish wholly-owned company in the dismissal of a general manager who abused his position against the company s interests;
  • Represented a British company in its Shanghai representative office in dismissing all employees, including drafting termination notices, negotiating severance compensation, and signing severance agreements;
  • Represented a company in the dismissal of finance staff who committed serious disciplinary offences. After long negotiation, the employee voluntarily signed the severance application without receiving compensation;
  • Represented a company in dismissing its general manager who failed to meet performance targets, successfully resolving the company s crisis and achieving a win-win result;
  • Represented a pharmaceutical company in an IOU dispute: successfully obtained new evidence when the arbitration was lost, and thus achieving a victory in the first and second trials and rejecting all of the worker s claims;
  • Represented a listed pharmaceutical company in dealing with an executive crisis -- combing through existing evidences within one day, analyzing the status of such executive, proposed a plan promptly to terminate labour contract, and successfully resolved the dispute for the client.
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