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ZSK culture and media team comprises of experienced attorneys who have immersed themselves in the industry for several years, gaining extensive practical knowledge. They remain updated with the latest developments in publishing, film and television, internet, literature and art, digital collections including NFTs, consumer-oriented culture, and creativity, among other sectors. Our comprehensive range of professional services include assisting in enterprise establishment and structuring, facilitating intellectual property protection, conducting thorough business model reviews, ensuring regulatory compliance, securing project financing, providing strategic advice on mergers and acquisitions and facilitating listing procedures, and offering expert assistance with dispute resolution. Our dedicated team of experienced attorneys is well-equipped to deliver valuable and reliable professional services to culture and media enterprises and their founders at every stage of their journey, from start-up to expansion, listing and exit. For many years running, our highly skilled attorneys have been appointed as members of the Compliance and Governance Professional Committee of the Beijing Entertainment Law Society. Our team excels at representing clients in film and TV investment and financing, establishment, fundraising, management and exit of entertainment funds, development and operation of IP derivatives, and protection and resolution of disputes involving public figures such as safeguarding personality rights, including rights of portrait and reputation, as well as rights protection and dispute resolution in brokerage, endorsement, performance, and commercial promotion endeavors.

Venture capital and private equity investment, FDI, merger and acquisition, securities and capital markets, establishment of RMB fund, employee equity incentives, etc.

Life sciences and healthcare, venture capital and private equity, construction, FDI, employee equity incentives, dispute resolution, labour and employment, corporate compliance, etc.

Real estate, construction, dispute resolution, etc.

Corporate finance, financial capital market (such as listing and refinancing in domestic and foreign capital market), merger & acquisition, private equity investment, project financing (such as mining project financing), real estate development and operation, and other commercial legal services.

Foreign investment, financial capital market (such as domestic and foreign capital market listing, refinancing, etc.), wealth management, family trust, global residence & nationality planning, mergers and acquisitions, private equity investment, project financing (such as mineral resources, etc.), banking and real estate and other commercial legal services.

Venture capital and private equity, merger and acquisition, life sciences and healthcare, wealth management, etc.

Marriage and family, inheritance, labour and employment, litigation and arbitration, corporate compliance, etc.

Venture capital and private equity, securities and capital markets, establishment of RMB fund, employee equity incentives, corporate compliance, etc.

Lihong DUAN is proficient at handling difficult and complex intellectual property and major foreign-related commercial disputes and anti-monopoly cases, including those in pharmaceutical and communications industries, as well as IP-related litigation and other related legal services.

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  • Selected clients: Kingo Advertising, Manmei Film & TV, Gravity Studio, HOB, Bochuan Haina, Zhongneng Qizhi, Guangyao Dongsheng, Souli Network, Sumen International, TCQS Career, Fangzhou Workshop, Fancheng Education, E-blocks English, ihui Art.
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